The Complete Guide to Blog Name Ideas (for Any Niche)

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    blog name ideas

    Looking for blog name ideas? One of the first decisions you have to make when starting a blog is what to name it. And before you try to go buy your domain name, you want to have several ideas ready in case your first choice is taken. That is why I decided to put together this guide.

    After deciding on your blogging niche, the next step is deciding on your blog name.

    Even if you know what you want to call your blog, you will want to have some backup names ready in case your domain name of choice isn't available.

    When it comes to naming your blog, you want to feel good about your decision – that it reflects you and your niche just right.

    After going through this guide, you will have several good choices that you can choose from.

    This post is all about how to come up with blog name ideas that are right for you.

    How to Come Up With Blog Name Ideas

    When it comes to coming up with blog name ideas, there isn’t one right answer, but there are some pitfalls you are going to want to avoid.

    In this guide, we will cover both.

    I will also go over blog name ideas and examples, according to the most popular niches.

    Let’s dive right in!

    1. Use Your Full Name

    At the end of the day, you are your brand, or you will become your brand the longer you blog. This is why one strategy for naming your blog is to use your first and last name.

    Once your audience becomes familiar with your name, it will also make it easier for them to find you online whether they are looking for you on social media or for your blog.

    If you want to find Rachel Pedersen online, go to

    Rachel Pedersen

    If you want to find Amy Porterfield online, just go to

    Amy Porterfield

    You can see how using your first and last name across all platforms simplifies things for your fans when they want to find you.

    The other advantage to using your name is that it gives you more flexibility if/or when you decide to change your niche or add topics to your blog.

    For example, if your blog is called “,” it’s going to seem a bit odd if you decide to start sharing your favorite recipes.

    For this reason, using your name might be the safest way to go.

    2. Use Part of Your Name or a Variation of Your Name

    Not everyone is comfortable using their first and last name. This could be for privacy reasons or because you expect you might get married someday and your name will change.

    Another option is to use part of your name or a variation of your name. Some people use their First Name and Middle Name.

    For example, one blogger I follow named her blog

    by sophia lee

    Or you may use their First Name and a truncated version of their Last Name.

    3. Combine Your Name With Your Niche

    Another option is to find a way to combine your first name with your niche. Using your name is smart for branding reasons and for SEO reasons. This option When you have your niche in your domain name, it’s another way that Google knows what your blog is about.

    For example, one of my favorite baking blogs is

    sally's baking addiction

    Another example is the travel blog

    Ashley Abroad

    4. Use Your Niche in Your Blog Name

    As explained above, incorporating your niche into your blog name is very smart from an SEO perspective. This is one of the most effective ways for search engines and humans to know what your blog is about.

    This method may also make it easy for your audience to remember your blog name.

    One example is the personal finance blogger,

    budget mom personal finance blog

    Another example is

    Millenial Money personal finance blog

    5. Use Something Unique That Makes Sense for Your Niche

    Another option is to use something unique, but that is relevant to your niche. But it has to be something your audience will understand.

    For example, one of my favorite book bloggers is Anyone who reads literary fiction is going to know that this is a reference to the book Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen:

    modern mrs darcy

    Another example is the cooking blog,

    Once Upon a Chef

    6. Use Something Unique That is Broad (Or Even Vague)

    There are certain niches where you might want to choose a blog name that is broad. Let me explain. If you are starting a mom blog or a lifestyle blog, you aren’t going to want to pigeonhole yourself too much.

    If you started a mom blog that was all about taking care of babies and you named it something like: — this may work while your kiddos are little and you are deep in the baby stage. But are you going to want to continue to write about newborns when your kids are teenagers?

    (The exception would be if you are a nurse or a breastfeeding or sleep specialist, and this is the niche you plan to stick with for the long-term.)

    If not, this is where you may want to opt for something that is unique and maybe even a little vague.

    One example is Many of us associate The Pioneer Woman with great recipes. This is definitely one of the main topics on Ree Drumond’s blog, but she also includes topics such as beauty, home organization, and style:

    The Pioneer Woman blog

    Her blog name merely gives her audience an idea of the kind of life she lives. But because it’s not niche-specific, it gives her the ability to branch out a bit without it seeming too odd.

    7. Use a Blog Name Generator

    While I’m not sure this is the first thing I would do when trying to come up with a blog name, there are a ton of blog name generators that you can use if you are in a pickle.

    These might be especially helpful if you head over to Namecheap (or whichever domain name registrar you decide to use), and your domain name of choice is already taken.

    There are a lot of options. My favorites are: Namecheap, Namify, and Satori Web Academy

    What to Avoid When Naming Your Blog

    While there are a lot of options when it comes to naming your blog, there are also some pitfalls to avoid:

    • Avoid a blog name that is too long. The problem with a blog name that is too long is that it’s going to be difficult for your audience to remember.
    • Avoid misspelled words. You only have one chance to make a first impression, and a blog name that is misspelled will definitely be a turn-off for your audience.
    • Avoid hyphens, underscores, or any other weird characters. If your first choice is unavailable, you may be tempted to try for a hyphenated version. The problem is that when most people want to find your blog, they are unlikely to remember to use the hyphen.
    • Avoid top-level domain extensions that aren’t “.com.” Top-level what?? When buying a domain, you want to go with a “.com.” These extensions signify the purpose of the website. For example. “.org” is usually used for non-profit organizations, “.edu” for educational organizations, and “.gov” is for government entities.
    • The “.com” extension is acceptable for almost any purpose. It’s also the most common, so people are more likely to add it to the end of your blog name if they are trying to get to it directly.
    • That being said, it will not affect your SEO rankings if you choose a different top-level domain extension. Google says you will NOT be penalized for choosing one of the newer extensions such as .ninja, .beer, .info, .me, .beauty, and so on. Just make sure that it’s appropriate for your niche.
    • Avoid anything too cliche. Choosing a blog name that includes a cliche will sound unoriginal and inauthentic. It’s always better to be original as it will be more memorable.
    • Avoid anything too complex. Try to aim for keeping your blog name to no more than three words, if you can. Anything longer may be too difficult to remember.
    • Avoid a name that is too close to another brand or blog in your niche. Doing this can actually backfire, as it could lead to lawsuits from the brand. It will also affect your reputation among your audience. Now that you’ve figured out some names for your blog, it’s time to start your blog.

    Blog Name Ideas (According to Niche)

    Here are A LOT of blog name ideas broken down by niche. Some of these may not be available, which is where one of those blog name generators might come in handy. Or maybe you just need to tweak it by swapping out just one or two words.

    Food Blog Name Ideas

    Cooking With [First Name]Baking With [First Name]
    Eat Italian With [First Name]Food Adventures With [First Name]
    Food Adventures in [Location]Eat Japanese With [First Name]
    [Last Name] Family FavoritesEat Greek With [First Name]
    Vegan Adventures With [Name]Paleo Recipes by [First Name]
    Eat Paleo With the [Family Name]Eat Keto With [First Name]
    BBQ With [Name]Eat Everything With [Name]
    Eat Korean With [Name][Name] the Home Cook
    [Name] the Chef[Name] the Baker

    Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas

    lifestyle blog name ideas
    [Name] Organized LifeBright Home Soft Comforts
    Organize With [Name][Name] Home Essentials
    [Family Name] Home Life[Unique Word] Home Essentials]
    My Beautiful HomeClean With [Name]
    Home is Where the [Unique Word] IsCleaning Tips by [Name]
    Happy Home Happy [Unique Word]By [First Name/Middle Name]
    Decorate with [Name]Live Life With [Family Name]
    [Name] Favorite Things[Name] Organizing Tips

    Mom Blog Name Ideas

    mom blog
    Living With the [Family Name]Growing With [Family Name]
    Life Lessons With [Family Name]Growing Up [Family Name]
    [Family Name] Home Life[Unique Word] Home Life
    Raising the [Family Name]By [Family Name]
    Live Life With [Family Name][Name] Parenting Tips
    The [Family Name] HouseThe [Family Name] Tribe
    [Name] Parenting LessonsEveryday Life with [Family Name]
    Assembling Life With [Name][Name] Family Dreams
    The [Family Name] ClanThe House of [Family Name]

    Beauty and Style Blog Name Ideas

    beauty blog
    Everyday Artistry[Name] Unique Style
    Elegant GraceThe [Name] Way
    Authentic Glamor[Unique Word] Home Life
    Authentic BeautyBeautiful Expression
    Delicate CharmAuthentic Expression
    Charm StyleChic Sophistication
    Trend StyleAuthentic Elegance
    Style After [Age]Beauty After [Age]
    Fashion After [Age]Refining Elegance

    Travel Blog Name Ideas

    travel blog
    Flying With [Name][Name] Wanderlust
    Globetrotting With [Name]Cruising Wanderlust
    [Name] GlobetrottingHiking Life
    [Name] TreksCamping Life
    [Name] TripsHiking Wanderlust
    [Country Name] + [Name]Exploring With [Name]
    State HoppingWanderlust Life
    Country HoppingTravel After [Age]
    Trekking With [Name]Trekking [Country]
    Backpacking WanderingsWrite of Passage

    Personal Finance Blog Name Ideas

    money blog
    Budget with [Name]Budgeting With [Name]
    Counting the CostGet Out of Debt With [Name]
    [Family Name] BudgetingYour Money Guide
    Flexible Money MasteryYour Budget Guide
    Delicate CharmMaster Your Money With [Name]
    Seize Your BudgetMoney Boss
    Money WinsMoney Teacher
    Your Money GuruMoney Sage
    Your Budgeting GuruBudget Tutor

    Start Your Blog!

    Now that you’ve figured out some names for your blog, it’s time to start your blog. 

    Grab my FREE How to Start a Blog Checklist and Workbook. 

    Then, head on over to Namecheap and purchase your domain. 

    Remember, you want to have several names ready in case your first choice is already taken. 

    Follow along with my free How to Start a Blog tutorial, where I walk you through how to purchase a domain name on Namecheap (with lots of screenshots). Namecheap is my favorite domain registrar. It has a solid reputation and, as the name implies, the domains tend to be significantly cheaper than its competitors like GoDaddy.

    Once you’ve purchased your domain, you are ready to start your blog. Follow the instructions in the tutorial to get your blog set up. 

    I hope this guide to choosing a domain name for your blog was exactly what you needed. I would love to hear which type of domain name you decided to go with. Did you use your name? Did you combine your niche with your name? Or did you go with something unique? Or are you still stuck?

    Let me know in the comments below!

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