Freedom Breakthrough Review: Is This the Right Affiliate Marketing Course for You?

    by | Jan 20, 2022 | Affiliate Marketing

    freedom breakthrough course

    You've heard about the affiliate marketing course Freedom Breakthrough, but you want to know if it's right for you and if it's worth the investment? This is an honest review by someone who has taken the Freedom Breakthrough course.

    freedom breakthrough course

    Affiliate marketing is such a great way to start making money online because you don't have to create your own products or services. You simply pick products that align with your niche and start promoting.

    But you're the kind of person who wants to learn all the best practices for launching an online business, so you've started looking at affiliate marketing courses. I can totally relate because I was in a similar situation when I was first getting started.

    These are some of the questions you may be asking yourself: Is it worth the investment? Does the course cover all that it promises? Will the course help me achieve my goals?

    You will get all of these questions answered in this post and be ready to make a decision on whether or not this is the right affiliate marketing course for you.

    This post is all about Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 and how to decide if this is the right course for you.

    Freedom Breakthrough Review

    Freedom Breakthrough Review


    When evaluating courses, this is the criteria I follow:

    1. What does the course promise and does it deliver on that promise?
    2. The second thing I look at is the price. Does the price you pay for the course match the value you receive?
    3. The person behind the course. (a) Do they really know what they are doing? (b) Am I able to follow him or her? (This one is the most subjective and will very from person to person).
    4. What kind of support does it offer if you need additional help?

    By the end of this review, we should be able to answer all of these questions. Let's dive in!

    What is Freedom Breakthrough 2.0?

    Freedom Breakthrough teaches how to do affiliate marketing. But it teaches a unique system called the Affiliate Marketing Stacking Ecosystem.

    Some courses just teach people how to set up an affiliate marketing campaign promoting one product, but this course teaches how to promote multiple products all at one that all relate to one another and how to do this in a cohesive way.

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    Who is the Creator of Freedom Breakthrough?

    Freedom Breakthrough was created by Jonathan Montoya, who says that we was able to quit his $80,000 a year 9 to 5 electrical engineering job nine months after he began his affiliate marketing business.

    He says that he created this course to help others be able to do the same. Let's find out what it includes…

    What are the Features of the Course?

    The Freedom Breakthrough course is broken up into 12 modules. Here is a brief breakdown of what each module includes:

    • Module 1: This module is an introduction to the Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem.
    • Module 2: This module walks you through how to set up an affiliate marketing funnel using ClickFunnels, and how to create a lead magnet.
    • Module 3: Next, you will learn how to set up an email automation using GetResponse along with integrating GetResponse with ClickFunnels, setting up an email sequence, different ways to get emails written, and how to automate the whole process. After you complete Module 3, your campaign will be set up and you will be ready to start marketing.
    • Module 4: Modules 4-12 are all about traffic and marketing. Module 4 starts with YouTube. This module walks you through how to create a YouTube channel, how to post videos on YouTube, how to make sure they are search optimized, and how to grow your channel as well as other tips and tricks.
    • Module 5: This module focuses on TikTok. This includes how to setup an account, how to get content ideas, how to record and edit videos, and how to grow your audience as well as other tips and tricks.
    • Module 6: Drive traffic with Facebook. This module walks users through how to use Facebook Groups and Facebook Profiles to drive traffic.
    • Module 7: Closing High-Ticket Sales. Sometimes high-ticket sales may require a little more effort. This module walks you through how to go about it featuring one of Jonathan's most successful affiliates.
    • Module 8: Make high-ticket sales with Facebook organic. This module features another student who has had success driving traffic with Facebook organic.
    • Module 9: Create an affiliate website. This module walks you through how to create a WordPress blog and how to start writing blog posts.
    • Module 10: This module is all about driving traffic to your blog with search engine optimization, also known as SEO, and how to generate leads from a blog.
    • Module 11: The focus of this module is how to get paid traffic using Google Ads.
    • Module 12: This module is all about how to earn affiliate commissions using a tactic called Launch Jacking. This is done by ranking for keywords for affiliate courses or products that haven't been released yet.

    In addition to the modules, the course also includes coaching calls and some additional training on various topics.

    The Pros

    1. The Value. If you can't tell from the list above, this course contains massive value. There are people that will charge mega bucks just to master one of those skills, and yet this course covers all of them.
    2. The 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge. One of my favorite parts of this course is something I haven't even mentioned, yet — the 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge. The 3 Day Challenge is the lead magnet for this course. The challenge costs $7, but it contains real value not just fluff like you sometimes see in challenges like this. You can from the 3 Day Challenge launch an affiliate marketing campaign, which I think is pretty amazing. The advantage of purchasing the full course is that he goes into much greater depth, but the challenge is an opportunity to test out the course to see if it's something you want to purchase.
    3. The Passion. Jonathan Montoya is so passionate about what he does and so passionate about the success of his students. He doesn't sugar-coat the work that it takes to be successful, but he's also very confident that if you put in the work, you will have success.
    4. Generous. If you decide to become an affiliate for Freedom Breakthrough, he is super generous with his affiliates. He's always trying to find ways he can give his affiliates high commissions and more benefits.

    The Cons

    1. The Price. The full course costs $1497, which can be paid in one lump sum or spread across three months. While I believe the value is there, it's still a lot of money.
    2. Additional Costs. The course itself doesn't include additional costs, but signing up for ClickFunnels, GetResponse, buying a domain and hosting services do cost additional money. This is something you should know going into it.
    3. Lack of one-on-one coaching. The course does include a very active Facebook Group where Jonathan is very responsive, and he does do live group coaching calls where you can ask a lot of questions. He does offere some one-on-one coaching, but this seems to only happen sporadically.
    4. Refund Period. You only have 14 days to receive a refund if you decide it's not for you and you want a refund. So I would make sure that if or when you purchase this course, you do it at a time in which you will have the time to really dive into it.

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    Conclusion: The Key Takeaways

    Yes! Freedom Breakthrough was not the first affiliate marketing course I purchased, but I regret not starting here first. (The truth is that I didn't know about it, but I wish I did).

    Here's why — I LOVE the affiliate stacking ecosystem! I think it's genius because it really does set you up for long-term success, and I am all about long-term success. I want people to find something that will allow them to make legit money from home and even generate a full-time income from home. This system will allow you to do that.

    Does it Deliver on the Promise?

    I believe this course absolutely delivers on the promise of what it says it will do — it thoroughly teaches how to do affiliate marketing, and I would say it even over-delivers on all the different platforms and methodologies it covers.

    The Person Behind the Course

    When I'm evaluating a course, one of the things I look for is someone who is in the trenches or has been in the trenches and has had success. I believe Jonathan 100% meets this criteria.

    The second factor I look at is whether or not I'm able to follow and understand this person when they give instruction. If a person is difficult to follow, it doesn't matter how much value the course has. However, this criteria is the most subjective as people vary as to what level of instruction they need so I can only speak for myself. I found Jonathan very easy to follow and understand. He walks through each module step-by-step, click-by-click, and I had no problem being able to replicate what he was doing.

    How to Decide if Freedom Breakthrough is Right For You?

    Most online courses include a sales video you can watch before signing up. This is the first place to start to see if Jonathan is someone who resonates with you and if you like and trust him.

    Other questions to ask: Does he motivate you? Does Freedom Breakthrough teach what you are looking to learn?

    If you can answer “Yes” to the questions above, the next thing I would do is sign up for the 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge for $7. One of the advantages of this course is that you really do have an opportunity to “test drive” the course through this challenge.

    If you like what you learn in the challenge and you can afford the full course, at that point you may decide to purchase it.

    How to Get Started with Freedom Breakthrough

    If Freedom Breakthrough sounds like what you are looking for, there are two ways to get started:

    Want to see what the course looks like, watch Jonathan do a walkthrough of the Freedom Breakthrough course here:

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